Smilax Labs recognizes the potential of the human mind and values it as a powerful force for its success.

Smilax Labs is a professionally managed company offering immense opportunities to it employees for learning and development. At every level, there is a strong sense of pride in its Vision, Mission, and Values. Smilax Labs provides a number of opportunities to people who have the talent, quest and zeal to achieve the best.

Smilax Labs has the ambience for people to come in and give their best. Smilax Labs builds people to build its business and helps them live a better life. Safety of the employee is the top-most priority of the management and efforts are made to ensure a safe and secure working environment for all the employees.

The employees are rewarded appropriately, based on completion of their goals/tasks and also for their level of commitment, initiative and quality of output. They are provided with constant feedback and counseling that are a part of effective performance management.

Delegation of authority and responsibility, freedom to work has enhanced decentralization resulting in quick and effective decision making. The employees in various functions such as Research, Marketing, Quality, Manufacturing and Supply Chain know they are valuable contributors to Smilax Labs growth.

If you have the potential and can demonstrate successful performance, please mail your resume to